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THANK YOU TAMASHII NATIONS for hearing my words!!!!

We will get a yellow track suit Bruce Lee figure!!!!!



Just found out that a youtuber that I watched and subscribed too named Glenn Webb died yesterday.

I dont subscribe to many youtube channels, but he was one of them. He was one of the very few Toy reviewers that I cared to watch on Youtube, the others being Shartimus Prime, Anthony's Customs, and a few others, but this guy was one of the main guys whose videos I watched and awaited on Youtube for figure reviews. Helped me make alot of choices when faced with decisions on which Marvel Legends I would buy.
Funny guy, great personality, awesome figure reviewer!
He will be missed!

RIP Mr. Glenn Webb!
New photos of S.H. Figuarts Bruce Lee (yellow tracksuit) look AWESOME!!! Cant fuckin wait!!

Jan 2017
Thought it could not be done, but I have caught a ML Deadpool in the WILD!

Im gonna keep it MIB.
Now onto the rest of the wave.
Finally came across a near compete Marvel Legends Xmen wave at Walmarts(only ones missing were Rogue and everyone's favorite Merc with a mouth...surprise surprise.....

Was lucky enough to snag a Wolverine. So now I got the MAIN 3 I wanted from this wave and probably the MOST WANTED out of them all: Wolverine, Deadpool, and Rogue.

Next will probably be Phoenix, then Cable...then the rest.
I think we should start calling this Deadpool "Taco Deadpool" much like we call the 2015 ML classic spiderman, the "Pizza Spiderman" because he came with a slice of pizza, and the new deadpool came with a taco. Lol

Pizza Spidey and Taco Deadpool

Been a minute but Ub3 is back!
With the newly released

Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War


Was alittle anxious to get the figure so I ordered him without the other 2 guys he came with in the 3 pack.
BUT I do plan on getting the battle damaged IronMan with tony stark head.

So lets take a look at the figure and see how he is!


From the first time I saw the figure, I thought it was pretty decent for Marvel Legends. Plus it was the first figure we got of the NEW Spidey from Civil War and for the upcoming new Marvel Studios Spider Man movies. I AM a fan of the new costume and I just LOVE the mask. Its very classic Spidey! Mask reminds me of John Romita classic art of spidey and Alex Ross's paintings of Spiderman, particularly the mask.

Once McFarlane and those guys in the late 80s and 90s and 00s during he 'Ultimate' era and etc started getting into drawing Spidey, his eyes became HUGE. I dont have an issue with that AT ALL, but its still nice to see a familiar classic 60s and 70s look for Spidey and this costume IMO somewhat does that.

Now how it translated into Action figure form....decently enough, though there ARE some problems I do have with the figure.

But Ill start off with the good.

Height is good in scale with the others movie figures. Detail is VERY good! We have everything SCULPTED! even the 'shades' on the eyes where he squints in the film, you can see it in the eye detail. The webshooters, the belt, the black trims on his suit is all sculpt work and painted well enough for Hasbro standards.

 I know some people dont like sculpted weblines and for THIS particular costume, I would not have minded painted weblines, but sculpt isnt bad either.

Now onto what I don't care for about the figure.

The red and blue of the figure is alittle too dark IMO. I think it needed to be more vibrant and each time I look at the fig, the colors keep me from REALLY liking the figure as much as I want to. The colors look like Spidey needs to be in the DCEU with the new Batman and Superman. Just too Dark.

Another thing is, I THINK in some angles, the torso looks alittle long compared to his legs. Its not a deal breaker, but its something that MY perspective has come across.

Also the spidey logo in the front is not accurate. I hear this logo on the figure was from early designs of the costume.
Hopefully the next CW spidey we get has the correct spider in the front.
Correct logo

Overall though, its a pretty decent looking figure and im sure MOST people will want one in their collection until the likes of SH figuarts, Figma, and etc comes out with THEIR versions and I await them!! Cause I KNOW they are gonna be AMAZING!


  • Ball peg and hinge neck
  • Rotating arms
  • "butterfly" joint around the pit of the arms
  • swivel Biceps
  • Double jointed elbows
  • Swivel and hinged wrists
  • Ab crunch
  • waist swivel
  • Ball jointed hips (very nice)
  • swivel thighs
  • Double jointed knees
  • ankle hinge
  • Foot pivot.
So it meets the standards of a GOOD Spidey figure and I would not have it any other way.


Technically None. He had Captain America's shield in the package, but its Cap's shield.
Spidey does not come with any heads or alternate hands, although you CAN use the old Marvel Legends Amazing Spiderman 2 hands! They fit very well, but the shade of red is brighter than this Civil War Spidey...which IMO, is the red this figure SHOULDA been.


Here is a look at some of the other Spiderman figures Hasbro has given us in recent Memory.

Civil War Spidey with Amazing Spiderman 2 ML figure and ML 'Pizza' Spidey figure.

Civil War Spidey with new ML ULTIMATE Spiderman/Peter Parker.

I assumed these two figs would be the same height since they both are roughly the same age in their universes...but no, CW spidey is a tad bit taller. The color scheme on ULTIMATE spiderman would have been ideal for this CW spidey.



Good enough figure.

Yes Im gonna start doing the rating system different now.

Instead of 1-5 its 1-10 now.

This figure is exclusive to the Marvel Legends Civil War 3 pack and the pack IS online to order and alot of people have it IN HAND and IN STOCK. But it will be hitting stores(TRU) soon!
If you just want the Spiderman figure, there are sellers online(ebay, Amazon, etc) who are selling him separate and for very decent prices. $25-$35 or only alittle more.

If you want to complete your Marvel Legends MCU collection, pick up Spidey to further it along.
MCU Falcon, CW Winter Solider, CW War machine/Disco Ironman 2 pack, and MCU Scarlet Witch are gonna be hitting stores soon as well!

All we need is a MCU Vision to complete the Avengers.

So until next time guys...

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