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Its a Start...


WHOO!!! GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS ARE THE CHAMPS again!!! They won this Trilogy!

Proud of em!! GREAT TEAMWORK!!! a really special team!
Say what you want about Kevin, but at the end of the day, you do what YOU feel.

And as far as the 'oh well they wouldnt have won if kevin wasnt there'  Blah blah. 1st, Golden state was up 3-1 last year without Kevin.... and If youre good, you beat WHOEVER's in front of you. PERIOD!

They were hungry and they WON it!

Was hopin they would do it in 4 tho, but hey, its Lebron they are facing... wishful thinkin, lol

Congrats guys!! Now I can finally get a GS HAT and merch!
Damn. Can Golden State EVER close a series being up 3? Hope they dont let it get like last year. 1 or 2 games needs to be the MOST Cavs get.

Meantime, Enjoying Tekken 7 with Gouki/AKUMA!!
Wonder Woman was a truly good film and the only decent film the DCEU has right

I was impressed with it.
Solid B+
Gal does a nice job of being WW, but Ill always say this, If Lucy Lawless was in her prime youth, she would be IDEAL!!
Was able to cop the new Marvel Legends Spiderman/Mary Jane 2 pack today at TRU(which was what I was looking for), and was also able to find the new ML Invisible Woman aka Sue Storm at Walgreens a mile down from TRU.

Toy Hunt - Successful!
Difficulty - EAZY!

Hopefully next month, Ill start seeing ML SpiderMan homecoming Figures in stock. That Moonknight, Tombstone, and 'Homecoming Spidey' are MUST GETS.

But the BIG prize is the 'Soul of Chogokin' MMPR Megazord!! gonna try and cop that in the next couple months.
So for Today's Death Battle: Sub Zero V Glacius.
Sub Zero wins...and because one of the determining factors was that he was "Stronger" than Glacius...and this was determined by the people of DB because of The 'Test your Might' mini game in MK....They did this for Sonya v Cammy as well...but NOT for Akuma V Shang.....Are these guys not only inconsistent, but SERIOUSLY Retarded!?!?!?? LMAO!!

"Sub Zero can break titanium" ....Yea, so can Sonya, Mokap, Stryker, Cassie, I can literally go down the ENTIRE MK roster.... I guess the only guys who can't break Titanium are the Boss characters because those are the only guys the Players like myself can't use on 'Test Your Might' and other non canon mini games......Are you serious???! Lol

And THIS is why people, MOST TIMES You CANNOT use Death Battle results and research as FACTS for ANY REAL 'Fictional Char Vs' Debates... This is why the "whiny DBZfaboys" as some people call them constantly rant on the Goku V Supes matches being poorly researched...because these guys use BS reasoning and research to come to conclusions and the matchup today is another addition to the ongoing evidence.  Now I like Death Battle, but I NEVER take them Legit unless they ARE legit. Its solely for Entertainment...again, unless they DO have legit facts and reasoning.

But today's DB research and reasoning was retarded as hell, and makes me question if Sub Zero really would win against Glacius... cuz i don't know much about Killer Instinct. smh

If you like to debate fiction chars, Do your own research and use CREDIBLE sources/people when doing it.

End of rant.
Ub3 here and no not to give a review on a new figure or anything, lol

Recently Ive bore witness and even been involved in conversations with people/users from all over social media outlets(including this one), who clearly don't know or show ignorance to the FACT that there is a difference between a FACT and THEIR OPINION and want to parade around their opinions as FACT as well as 'ridicule' others opinions. Ive been guilty of this myself once upon a time. But Ive fixed mine(mostly) and I just want to reaffirm the meaning of FACT vs OPINION to anyone who will listen...or read I guess in this case.

Lets look at the definition of these two words:

  • FACT - a thing that is indisputably the case. Something KNOWN to be true, something that absolutely CANNOT be argued against.

  • OPINION - a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.  A judgment, viewpoint, or statement that is not conclusive.

So now that we have those two meanings cleared up imma say this here...

As individuals, we will often time ALWAYS disagree with each other on something, be it entertainment, political views, religions, sports, food, etc. We have our own ways of thinking, acting, and our own personal taste in things.

NEVER should we parade around our own tastes and opinions as FACT, because it (by definition) is NOT..unless it IS.

If I said, Batman V Superman sucks balls, then that is my opinion(as well as a VAST amount of people, just keepin it 100), which then is a 'popular opinion'. HOWEVER, it is NOT a FACT.

It is NOT a fact because there are MANY people *DC fanboys* who enjoyed that movie and herald it as the BEST Super Hero film ever and they are not 'wrong' or 'right' because Whether a movie, music, video game or something like THAT, is "Bad" or "Good"  is complete subjectivity.

I personally think The Dark Knight is probably the best superhero film ever made so far,(an opinion that is also very popular) but thats NOT a fact.

Last year there was the newest debate in the infamous 'Marvel Vs DC nerd debates. It was Captain America: Civil War vs the Batman v Superman film: Which film is better?

I saw ALL the debates, flame wars, YouTube vids over this debacle. Funny stuff!

Its ALL personal taste at the end of the day, despite the VAST popular opinion that BvS sucked and that CW was better, lol

When I give my opinions, I try not to come across as parading it around as a fact(which is why often times I include 'IMO') and I get irked alittle(just alittle) when people do, especially the ignorant ones. Then want to give IMO, bullshit reasons(or even NO reason at all) as to why they believe it to be a fact.. especially(depending on the topic) when there are FACTS and Evidence that support the polar opposite opinion and would make the opposing opinion of the topic at hand lean more towards being a Fact.

I don't mind you giving your argument as to why you believe such to be the case or why you personally prefer this over that, and that you may want to help sway a person to sharing your opinion, but PLEASE, don't give BS claims and clearly false info despite being shown the true info. Id take you just being a fanboy or a hater as the reason for you opinions over 'willful ignorance' anyday.

False info spreads and leads many astray.

If there are ANY communities or fandoms I hate false info spread around its: 1# Christianity. If anyone says Christianity has a bad name these days, Ill tell you EXACTLY why; because there is SO MUCH false info and misunderstandings surrounding my Lord and his words, as well as people who claim themselves as Christians, but are not (AT LEAST) attempting to act Christ-like AT ALL. We are not perfect, but it should not be from lack of trying. In the Bible, this was ALL foretold as events of The Last Days, But THAT is a topic for another day(should there be one).

My personal Others include: Dragonball franchise, Mortal Kombat franchise, Street Fighter franchise, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee, Martial Arts, Marvel, DC, African American history, and a few others.

These are topics I LOVE and consider myself VERY knowledgeable and more or less credible in. I don't know EVERYTHING, but I know MUCH and im always learning from my peers.

Your opinions can be whatever; You Like Michael Jackson or you Hate him, I don't care which personally, because again, its an opinion, but sometimes I am curious to know why, and if its based on false info, then to be blunt-- Ill have to school a civilized manner of course, After you hear the TRUTH(with evidence provided), and you still don't like him, then Fine.

This goes for the other things as well, If you say a character from MK or DBZ sucks, or that DBZ sucks in general, thats YOUR opinion, its not a fact...and FAAR from it.

Actually, the Only character in lets say....Mortal Kombat, who I'd say for a FACT sucks, is Hsu Hao, LOL. Here's why- Its a FACT that the creators(Vogel, Ed Boon and Co from Netherrealm studios) said they regret making him and don't like him at all, actually had him permanently killed off in MKX comics, and he has had no 'playable' inclusion in any game past MK: Armageddon. So when your CREATOR says you suck, that IMO makes it Official; YOU SUCK!  Lol

Thats like God saying you suck, if HE said you suck, then its a FACT. LMAO! But God wouldn't say that of you personally, your ACTIONS ?, sure--but not of YOU.

But if you say "Sub-Zero, Goku, Ryu, Kang, or Vegeta, or whoever etc, sucks and thats a fact", NO its not, and there isnt a bit of evidence to support it as a FACT. An Opinion ? sure.  A FACT, NO. Especially popular chars like Scorpion or Kang or Goku or Ryu or chars and franchises with HUGE followings.

I would say Yamcha of the Dragonball franchise for a fact sucks too, but Yamcha WAS useful once upon a time...LOL And some people still very much like Yamcha, and he is actually more popular now than ever because he sucks and people LOVE to Meme that. LOL


Ive been in plenty of debates in person and online, and im ALWAYS open to hear everyone's Opinions, but when you try to state your opinion as FACT, on top of giving BS or false info as reasoning for your opinion, especially against a guy who knows the INs and OUTS of the topic at hand, im sorry but it makes you lose credibility in my eyes and then after presented with REAL facts and supporting evidence, you choose to be willfully ignorant, then IM done.

Point is, Your taste and your opinions(on trivial matters, no less) are just THAT; OPINIONS and should remain and be intended as that. And people need to learn to respect and respectfully disagree with opinions.

"Batman V Superman was a horrible movie and thats FACT!!" 

No, its NOT a fact
......................................but it is a VERY popular Opinion, LOL

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SMXV2 Featured By Owner May 5, 2017
Just curious. Do you have any intention of continuing your Mortal Kombat: Parallel story? That story is easily my favorite MK fanfic out there and i'm really fascinated by the lore you created with MKU2 and all. Really intrigued by what happens after Chap 10.
ULTIMATEbudokai3 Featured By Owner May 5, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ahh man, THAT fanfic...Was not aware people were still into it. I mean I have seen some Fav and Follow notices on it here and there, but its not MY most popular fanfic.

Are you one of the ones following it on fanfic?

You know, I keep saying Im gonna complete it, but I never come around to it...but you are not the first to ask me this since the last update of that story...some years ago, wow can't believe its been that long!

I was gonna write it all then post the chapters one by one every other week or something.

Ill try to revisit promises but, ill try.
SMXV2 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
Yeah I know what you mean. I had a fic where I sorta stopped halfway through the story as well and I never bothered to continue. Procrastination is deadly sometimes lol.

I'm not on but I do read a lot of MK fics there. MK Parallel being my favorite one. I'm a sucker for alternate timeline stories.

What's really interesting about your story is the lore of MKU2 VS that of the canon story. The whole idea of Earthrealm being lost to Outworld at one point as well as some characters that are normally evil being good.

I also want to see the conclusion to the story mainly to see Quan Chi get his pasty ass kicked for all the shit he put Liu and the others through lol.

But yeah if you get the itch to write the story again that would be nice, no rush or anything. Or if you have the chapters done already it would be cool if you posted them. Really want to know who the 5 guys were that Johnny Cage talked about.
ULTIMATEbudokai3 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yea Im actually reading up on Parallel right now, lol.

I gotta check and see how far I got in my saved document, but I think I finished the next 4 chapters already, I THINK. ill check. If so, Ill go over them again and maybe post them soon.

I appreciate the love for this story. :D  its not one of my popular ones on Fanfic(actually its my 2nd popular but its still MUCH less than my number one, so I did not cater to it much and I havent been on Fanfic in a long time.

I was VERY much into the whole lore of the MKU2 as well. Had it all planned out and was gonna do it all on fanfic, but Life then other fandoms came into play(MMPR, Dragonball Super, etc most noticeably). and since Parallel didnt get that many views, I said fuck it. lol

Sometimes a reminder of old things can get you wanting to revisit it.
(3 Replies)
TheDeadlyRosered Featured By Owner Edited Jan 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Just a question: What are your thoughts on Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? I'm very excited for it.
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